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Ensuring True ‘ACTION ORIENTED’ Thought Leadership


“Digital Transformations can be complex and daunting especially with the ever changing technology landscape. Senior Executives considering transforming their businesses have several questions, as they contemplate a journey into the Digital Future…Progressive provides those answers. Our visionary Thought Leaders, Subject Matter Experts & Business Consultants help offer meaningful insights, infuse true ‘Action Oriented’ thinking and provide a practical approach to monetizing your Digital Capital”

As a highly regulated company, we had special needs & requests that were not typical of the standard industry norm. Progressive Technology Solutions took the time to listen to our needs and really learn about our functioning within a complex GRC landscape. They promptly presented us several options that fit our unique needs & budget. Their post-implementation training also made the software easily understandable to our business users.
Vice President
Enterprise & Operational Risk Management

True Digitalization is the ability to rapidly adapt and evolve business models and processes, making them increasingly customer centric. Digital transformation can be complex and daunting especially with the growing technology landscape. Progressive’s Digital Experts offer meaningful insights and an action oriented thinking process for organizations to effectively realize Digital Capital & Outcomes. Our experts help carefully peice together the overall strategy and objectives, as well as the value chains that enable effective transformation.

PTSOL’s Technology Transformation consulting services help businesses:

  • Simplify & Refine their digital transformation road-map
  • Introduce, Induce and Adopt digital capabilities faster
  • Gain visibility into how your customers react, your competition shifts and your costs transform
  • Adapt to changing business landscape and be disruption resilient
  • Better engineer products and services to help pivot your business faster

Indications of New challenges, technologies, and competitors mean that disruption is happening faster than ever and businesses need to keep pace with and get ahead of—the changing environment to remain viable and profitable. Designing, implementing, and following a comprehensive approach to business transformation (BT) can help your organization make the most of the opportunities created by disruption.

PTSOL’s BT acceleration framework focuses on the following areas:

  • BT Program Management
  • Enterprise & Business Architecture
  • Business Process Management
  • Evaluation of needs, business objectives and challenges
  • Defining the current environment and gaps preventing the desired/future state
  • Business Capabilities  Analysis & Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Independent Validation & Verification

At PTSOL we are committed to the belief that delivering change in a business environment is all about people. Delivering sustainable change will be critically dependent on bringing staff on that journey of understanding the need for change, accepting the change(s), adopting and finally championing it for the benefit of the whole business.

PTSOL provides experience and expertise in:

  • Understanding and assessing your transformation strategy quickly
  • Designing individually tailored solutions that address/resolve the challenges you face in your business
  • Developing and implementing change plans that meet your unique business needs
  • Delivering successful, sustainable and lasting change models and playbooks



New technological breakthroughs, shifting market demands, and new regulatory mandates are just some of the forces continuously impacting every organization today. PTSOL can help your organization rethink, redesign, and move forward with fundamental changes to your business with operating models that can help reduce expenses, embark on a new strategic direction, and maximize value amid disruption. If you’re looking to rapidly innovate and transform your business, give us a call…we will put our vast industry experience and intellectual capital to work right away!


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