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“Progressive’s award winning technology solutions & services help government agencies develop mission critical systems & applications that  to better serve their respective citizens & constituents. Our experienced technologists are currently engaged within several Federal, State & Local Government agencies performing a variety of mission critical tasks that range from complex Systems Integrations to ensuring Cyber Resilience—either by taking direct responsibility of agency projects or by collaborating with prime vendors and in-house IT teams”


Rely on PTSOL’s award-winning IT solutions & services to proactively adapt, evolve, manage, monitor and maintain a secure, disaster-free environment with exceptional support services. Our  services can help free governmental agencies from necessary, but time-consuming, IT tasks so they can focus on strategic agency initiatives that help serve citizens better

With advancements in technology and storage solutions, availability of data is no longer the issue.  With most transactions and system interactions occurring online, federal and governmental agencies have never had a better opportunity to understand their citizens.  Social media, browsing stats, GPS, search patterns, product reviews, and traditional transactional data all provide clues that allow agencies to respond faster and more purposefully to its ccitizen’s needs.

PTSOL™ gives you the infrastructure and analytical tools to capture, consolidate, and interpret this tsunami of latent business value.  Because this analysis occurs separately from your running systems, there is no impact on performance or operations.  Additionally, KPI dashboards are customized for each role within an agency so leaders can have access to realtime intelligence that allows them to make the critical operational decisions.

PTSOL™’s technology experts and data scientists can analyze the various challenges your agency is experiencing and proposes BI and Data strategies to reduce current bottlenecks.

An effective cloud deployment can get an agency up and running with its critical applications in a matter of seconds. PTSOL can assist with developing and managing applications on an variety of cloud platforms, including:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM Blue Cloud
  • Google Cloud Platform

It is often necessary to build custom software applications to support the business processes unique to your agency’s needs. PTSOL™’s analysts and architects can design custom applications that provide the performance, usability, integration and reporting to accelerate your focus workflow without impacting other key business process.  Our development teams deliver within the budget and timelines of the Task Order.

With over a decade providing full application lifecycle solutions, PTSOL™ gives special attention to ensuring the sustainability of your agency’s  custom developed application.  Additionally, our long-term maintenance, training and support models assist stretched IT departments and end users keep critical systems online and operating as intended.

Our managed security services keep your IT network and device ecosystem safe and secure. We help you stay ahead of cyber criminals by keeping your IT environment updated and respond quickly to threats before your security is breached.

Our multilingual service desk services allow agencies to expand citizen services  that may require local language & multilingual support. PTSOL’s 24×7 help desk offers ITIL-based incident management, including ticketing, third-party escalation, remote end-user PC support, and application support with defined service levels.

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